2017   QWERTY Salvation Vaasa, Finland

2017  QWERTY After life service, Art fair suomi, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland.

2016: QWERTY therapy. Art Helix, Bushwick, New York, USA. Oct the 20th.

2016: QWERTY beauty. RAKE, Trondheim, Norway. May the 6th.

2015: QWERTY afterlife service. Sluice Art Fair, London

2015: QWERTY BAR Stockholm (SE)

2014: QWERTY Real Estate Stockholm (SE) and Malmö (SE)

2013: QWERTY Baking Berlin (DE)

2012: MessProduction Fredrikstad (NO) and Copenhagen (DK)

2011/2012/2014-15: Foreign Exchange St. Petersburg (RU)  Stockholm (SE), New York (US) and Odense (DK)




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