QWERTY-BAR Nationalgalleriet, Stockholm 2015

-We serve art.

QWERTY in collaboration with the English initiative, F.B.I., exhibit an installation that mimes a bar.

In almost every QWERTY exhibition, we have built a bar. A place to meet people, to be hospitable and say hello.

The QWERTY bartenders had drinks, that you can only smell, and a beautiful QWERTY beer.

The “Collage-lady” had questions for the guests.

You could try the QWERTY karaoke, watch the SHIT PONY video and hear the QWERTY music.

You could play ‘Tavern Games’, and blow the party blower.

The bar was stage for live performance

On the walls and on the bar desk, all members of QWERTY and F.B.I. show objects/painting/drawing/photos 20 x 20 cm.

We want to mimic a familiar and safe experience for the audience, and then show them something totally different. Show them art, make them participate, talk about art, give the audience genuine experiences and make contact.

The bar is a manifestation of all the different transactions we enter into. We make contracts, trades and are traded ourselves. Make deals with children, partners and employers etc.

At a qwerty exhibition you will always be spoken to and be involved in the art.


QWERTY invited F.B.I (Frank Bobbins Institute, from England) to participate in the exhibition.

Nationalgalleriet in Stockholm is a small independent gallery, ruled by local artists, and has existed in 30 years. The gallery space was transformed into a bar open in the evening in Gamla Stan, 29.-31. Maj 2015