QWERTY is an initiative run by 7 visual artist from Denmark. The mix of members has occurred mainly by a common interest in pursuing new knowledge and practices.

QWERTY exercises an ongoing examination of working methods and organization, that present alternatives to the more established art scene. There is no permanent exhibition space. The working platforms are made according to the nature of the different projects.

Exchange, consumerism and the definition of value has been the recurring subjects of investigation in our work the last couple of years. Rather than conventional object based art forms, we have been preoccupied with the relational aesthetics and the interplay with the regional and local environment/context.
Our method is agile i.e. the artistic result is known only at the end of the show. We design a framework within which, we can improvise and react to the local influence, e.g. through negotiations with the audience.


Anders Qvist Nielsen

Camilla Gaugler

Indigo Richards

Jens Andersen

John Krogh

Mikkel Larris

Morten Tillitz