Exhibitions and projects

2023  QWERTY Casino Juxtapose Art Fair er

2022 QWERTY games . TERRITORY. Barreiro – Lisaboa

2022 STUX Center for Stupid Experiments SUPERMARKET independent art fair 2022. Stockholm

2021 STUX Center for Stupid Experiments “Juxtapose” Godsbanen Aarhus, Denmark

2020 Spirit us. rk gallerie Berlin Spirit us.  rk gallerie Berlin

2019 QWERTYUIOPŨ Studio 1.1 / Sračok & Pöhlmann. London 2019

2018  QWERTY Salvation. Exchange Berlin. Kühlhaus Berlin. Germany. November

2018  QWERTY School of Susak. Susak Expo, Croatia. May

2017  QWERTY Salvation Vaasa, Finland

2017  QWERTY After life service, Art fair suomi, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland.

2016: QWERTY therapy. Art Helix, Bushwick, New York, USA. Oct the 20th.

2016: QWERTY beauty. RAKE, Trondheim, Norway. May the 6th.

2015: QWERTY afterlife service. Sluice Art Fair, London

2015: QWERTY BAR Stockholm (SE)

2014: QWERTY Real Estate Stockholm (SE) and Malmö (SE)

2013: QWERTY Baking Berlin (DE)

2012: MessProduction Fredrikstad (NO) and Copenhagen (DK)

2011/2012/2014-15: Foreign Exchange St. Petersburg (RU)  Stockholm (SE), New York (US) and Odense (DK)