Book Launch

QWERTYUIOPÅ^  book launch, installation, and interactive event at Sračok & Pöhlmann / Studio 1.1, London 2019

A QWERTY art piece often involves a “give and take” situation. 

The guests became the artist, in order to “buy” the book. 

The visitors were offered to reenact individual performances from, QWERTY therapy, QWERTY Salvation, QWERTY baking, QWERTY school of Susak, QWERTY bar and QWERTY beauty.

QWERTY arrived in style and signed copies of the groups 10 years anniversary book; QWERTYUIOPÅ^. 

The book is a documentation of many of our projects, interviews with our collaborators, photos, and drawings made especially for the book project. Each copy was made unique with an original artpiece from QWERTY, chosen by the buyer.

Thanks to Daniel Devlin and  Sračok & Pöhlmann for inviting us, and all our guest for participating.