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The QWERTY BAR – We serve art.QWERTYbar_stkhlm

Members from the Danish art-group; QWERTY in collaboration with the English initiative; F.B.I. are going to exhibit an installation that mimes a bar.

The QWERTY bartenders sell drinks, that you can only smell, and a beautiful QWERTY beer.

You can try the QWERTY karaoke, watch the SHIT PONY video and hear the QWERTY music.

The bar will be stage for live performance and a place to meet people and say hello.

On the walls all members of QWERTY and F.B.I. show objects/painting/drawing 20 x 20 cm.

Artists: Mikkel Larris, Camilla Gaugler, Morten Tillitz, Anders Qvist Nielsen, John Krogh, Indigo Richards, Jens Andersen, Sally Ann Roberts and Jonny Roberts.

Nationalgalleriet , Stockholm, Opening; Friday the 29th 5 PM – 12 PM