Exhibition in Malmö (SE)

“QWERTY Real Estate”  at CirkulationsCentralen Project Space 22/8 – 14/9, 2014

Nobelvägen 125
212 15 Malmö, Sweden


QWERTY will investigate the various aspects of real estate and want to question what it means to own land, property and space.

QWERTY Real Estate also wants to study the idea of purchasing something, and the psychological impact of the exchange.

The objects on display are sale prospects, deeds, houses and photos of land, space and real estate. We will invite visitors to negotiate the value and terms for a trade.

Bring values, and make a fantastic deal. Values could be; art!!! a watch, jewellery, a cellphone etc. The QWERTY brokers are ready to find the perfect unit for you! You get a new house, we get your values. The market is rising and QWERTY is eager to sell!!!